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Box 219 Woody Point
QLD 4019

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Box 219 Woody Point

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Elegant blends of premium grade coffee beans...freshly roasted and delivered to you. Direct trade A brand new business entering at top level. Taste our coffee you will understand why. Any of our fantastic blends ~ bean/grind 500gm bags x 10 available per month 100% qoin (limit of 1bag per customer) #1 Smooth Operator #2 Kaders Remedy #3 Best Kept Secret $22.00 My Organic. $24 In Denial Decaf. 250g $14 Pronto ~Specialty instant 200g $16 Nespresso Compatible pods Marsala Sunrise Hidden intent In Denial ~ Decaf Box 10 pods $10 Sleeve of 8 boxes $70

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